Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

We are committed to creating meaningful change

through CSI and staff development initiatives.

Value-Able Consulting strives to focus on supporting education because we believe that our CSI initiatives should contribute to financial literacy and education of children and adults which will light the way to financial prosperity for our communities.

Our Focus Areas

Foundation Phase Learning:

  • Developing educational material.

  • Providing direct support to underprivileged primary schools.

  • Focus is on numeracy and literacy.

High School Learning

  • Providing extra lessons in Maths and Accounting, as well providing assistance to teachers.

  • Partnering with leadership programmes to identify influential learners and grow their leadership skills.

Basic Financial Literacy for Adults:

  • Investing in financial literacy training within the workplaces of our customers and the communities in which we operate.

  • Development of education professionals.

  • Supporting training programmes which aim to enhance the standard of education in the country by focusing on teacher development.